The Unity® Single Vision Lens Solution

Unity® Single Vision Lenses offer the latest technology in precision freeform single vision lens processing in a wide range of materials. You now have three choices to offer your single vision lens wearers.

Unity SVx
The original single vision lens solution, Unity SVx, uses sophisticated lens design technology for exceptional performance for single vision lens wearers.

Unity SVxtra
Unity SVxtra offers position-of-wear precision, delivering a compensated Rx to give your patients even greater customization and clarity by compensating for frame wrap, pantoscopic tilt and back-vertex distance. Unity SVxtra delivers a visual experience customized to each patient's visual needs and frame style. Both Unity SVx and Unity SVxtra lenses are excellent choices for your single vision patients with moderate to greater cylinder power.

Unity SVxtreme
Unity SVxtreme is the ideal lens choice for patients wanting Unity performance without limiting their choices for wrap frames. Unity SVxtreme decreases peripheral distortion and increases clarity in line-of-sight. Like SVxtra, SVxtreme incorporates position-of-wear measurements for added customization. It's a simple solution for all of your patients' daily activities.

The Unity Precision Difference
Freeform technology uses state-of-the-art lens processing equipment and advanced digital lens designs to deliver the most precisely crafted prescription possible. Customized Unity lenses can be created to address your patients' specific visual requirements, within 1/100 of a diopter. The ease of adaptation and high satisfaction your patients experience is a result of a quality verification process with every Unity lens produced. To ensure the lens design is exactly what the doctor and lab intended, each lens is digitally mapped. This extra step ensures precision and accuracy with every Unity lens.

Base Curve Elimination
Unlike conventional single vision lenses, the Unity freeform design allows customization of each prescription to account for optical variations with base curves and frame sizes. With traditional processing, there is only one prescription, without cylinder correction that's ideal for any given base curve. As you introduce correction for astigmatism, only freeform optimization can precisely correct optical error. Unity SVx lenses deliver superior clarity for each unique prescription.

Unity Base Curve

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