Unity Performance Coatings

Unity Performance Coatings available with Unity UVR Technology

Scientific evidence shows that possible effects of over exposure to UV radiation include corneal damage, cataracts, and macular degeneration.* Radiation off surrounding surfaces such as sidewalks and windows contributes nearly 50% of the UV we are exposed to everyday. Most lens materials help reduce direct exposure of UV rays. With Unity UVR Technology, you now have the option to provide even greater protection from UV reflections off the back surface of the eyewear.

*Source: University of Minnesota School of Public Health. http://enhs.umn.edu/current/5103/uv/harmful.html Source: University of Minnesota School of Public Health

New Unity Performance Coatings with optional UVR Technology reduce reflected UV exposure from 25% to less than 5%. Unity UVR Technology is available for added protection on Unity Classic, Unity Plus and Unity Elite.

Chart demonstrating Unity Performance Coatings. AR Images
Benefit Technology Unity Classic Unity Plus UNITE Elite
Glare Reduction Anti-Reflective Technology * * *
Scratch Resistance and Durability Front-side Hard Coat * * *
Double-sided Integrated Hard Coat   * *
Cleanability Oleophobic * * *
Super-hydrophobic Topcoat Hydrophobic Hydrophobic *
UV Reflective Protection UVR Technology Optional Optional Optional
VSP Option Codes Without UVR Technology QN QT QV
VSP Option Codes With UVR Technology QN+BV QT+BV QV+BV

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