VSPOne® Rewards Program for 2014

Earning rewards is easy!

The VSPOne Rewards Program gives you opportunities to receive and redeem rewards points on orders placed with any VSPOne Optical Technology Center.

Automatically accumulate points with our special product promotions!

You have many opportunities to earn rewards points through direct manufacturer promotions and special offers.

Redeem your rewards points online.

Our online shopping catalog has more than 6,000 items to choose from. Go shopping to see the impressive selection!

Watch your earnings grow and reward yourself!

The VSPOne Rewards Program is online and completely automated. You can watch your point balance grow throughout the year. We automatically track your VSPOne orders and update your points and data with the VSPOne Rewards Program for you every week.

Ready to get started? Enroll today.

Check your balance? Visit VSPOneRewards.com.

Need more information? View program details.